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The Well W.W. Jacobs

The Well

W.W. Jacobs

15 pages
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 About the Book 

William Wymark Jacobs was an English author of short stories and novels. Quite popular in his lifetime primarily for his amusing maritime tales of life along the London docks (many of them humorous as well as sardonic in tone). Today he is best known for a few short works of horror fiction. One being The Monkeys Paw(published 1902). It has in its own right become a well-known and widely anthologized classic.~Literary WorksMany Cargoes (1896)The Skippers Wooing (1897)Sea Urchins (1898) /aka More Cargoes (US) (1898)A Master of Craft (1900)The Monkeys Paw (1902)The Toll House (1902)Light Freights (1901)At Sunwich Port (1902)the Barge (1902)Odd Craft (1903) : contains The Money Box, basis of Laurel and Hardy film Our Relations (1935)Dialstone Lane (1902)Captains All (1905)Short Cruises (1907)Salthaven (1908)Sailors Knots (1909)The Toll House (1909)Ships Company (1911)Night Watches (1914)The Castaways (1916)Deep Waters (1919)Sea Whispers (1926)