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Dark Little Corners Tony OReilly

Dark Little Corners

Tony OReilly

Published March 26th 2013
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 About the Book 

Four short stories of intrigue and suspense.In The Manner Of God.Lucy wants to change the world. She visits a JobCentre and asks to speak to the Prime Minister but its only when people start to die that she gets her wish.The Last Journey.Two young men travel home in their car talking about life, the universe and everything. They are killed in an accident, and there their story begins.The Vampire Grigory.A student steals the cremated remains of a vampire from deep dark Russia. He takes it to his home in Leeds, where he speaks the prayer of life. And Grigory is reborn.Man, Woman and Child.Part One - Man.This short story is the first part of a trilogy. If multiple universes exist then this story tells of the one where the 2012 Olympics in London were the start of the end of the world.