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Anthony Adverse Hervey Allen

Anthony Adverse

Hervey Allen

Published 2000
ISBN : 9782744135781
1112 pages
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 About the Book 

I was looking over the list of books over 800 pages and I remembered reading this book my sophomore year in high school. I remember none of the book, even the summaries only get a hollow jangle of memory bells, but Ill claim the read. My English teacher did not believe I had read the book I reported prior. I said Id read a book in a night. I asked the librarian for the longest book she knew of and she gave me this title. I did the read that night and made the report the next day.Im now reading a book on memory and that got me to thinking what book do I (or you) remember best after ten years, twenty, thirty? Or more philosophically, why are we reading more books if we cant remember the ones weve already read?